Introduction of
Marubeni IT Business Group &
Global Bandwidth Solution Inc.

Outline of Global Bandwidth Solution ( GBS )

Integration of Core Telecom Investment
Marubeni has globally invested in various telecom infrastructure projects in the past years. To become the leader of the next generation network industry, Marubeni integrated the operation of core projects in Global Bandwidth Solutions ( GBS ).

Operations integrated in GBS
International Infrastructure
( Submarine Cables )

FLAG / PC-1 / FA-1
Domestic Infrastructure
Global Access / Above Net Japan / ICC / Marubeni Telemarketing

World-class Network and Management
GBS State-of-the-art global network will be operated by a world-class management team under james M.Pagos CEO, former-COO of AT&T Solution.
Alliance with Marubeni IT group companies and other market leaders
Given the rapid changes in the industry, GBS aggressively forms partnership among the industry market leaders to serve better its customers.

GBS partners in Marubeni IT group
Marubeni Solution / MTEC
Hewlett Packard SD
Marubeni Telecom / Sofmap / KantoElectric/ComputerWave
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