Marubeni's Counter Trade Service

- To provide you, who are entitled to proceed Counter Trade activities, by utilizing Marubeni's existing capabilities and global networks.
-To commit to the Counter Trade obligations for you in the following manner:

1. Volume the Amount of the Counter Trade Obligation
2. Within the Contract Conditions & Periods
3. Issuance of the performance bond to the Ministry of Comm
4. Signature on a Side-letter to MOC ( being as a representative co. )
Experience of Counter Trade in Thailand
US$ 13 Million during last year.
How to contact us ?
Marubeni Thailand Co., Ltd.
Machinery Division

Lalana Rattanaprapa Miss., Project Coordinator Phone no. 256-6900 EXT. 234
E-mail address:

Marubeni's capabilities supported for the Counter Trade services
Main Products
Main Countries
- Textile
- Metal
- Chemical
- General Merchandise ( Paper, sugar, seafood, etc.)
- Japan
- Europe
- etc.


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