Produce Group

The Agro-Marine Products Group of Marubeni handles all areas related to food, from grain, meat, agricultural and marine products, to various foodstuffs processed foods and drinks. Although we are active internationally, we focus on the Japanese market, a world leading high-quality market worth some $4.3 trillion in GDP. Recently, the Japanese market has been becoming more end-consumer sense of values, the declining rate of population increase, decreasing numbers of children and the ever-increasing number of elderly. We make best use of our domestic and international group networks by strengthening our relationships with retailers, while still setting out to contribute as much as possible to society by promoting the establishment of a new marketing system, such offering products that the consumers demand and improving our market efficiency through IT and LT (logistic technology).

MAIN PRODUCTS : sugar, brewing materials, marine & meat products and processed food and other various foodstuffs.

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