Machinery Group

Our group in Thailand represents all the menu of Tokyo Headquarters as the commercial front lines to materialize various projects and also to supply machinery and vehicles in the manifold fields.

In order to comply with customers' requirements and to achieve the goal, our function would be differed dependent upon each project and transaction, where we are ready to offer our services such as supplier, contractor, financing arranger, products offtaker, equity partner, BOO & BOT promoter and / or coordination for integration of such services.


Main Projects : Telecommunication, Multimedia, Power plant


Machinery I  is responsible for telecommunication projects; lay down cable for TOT, CAT, Telecom Asia and TT & T.

Main projects : Telecommunication, Multimedia.


Machinery II  deals with  agricultural machinery, construction machinery, automobiles and spare parts. 


Machinery III  pursues petrochemical, industrial and infrastructure projects and is active in build-own-operate (BOO) and build-own-transfer(BOT) projects as well as renders Counter Purchase service to customer.


Machinery IV   plays an active role in investing in IPP/SPP projects. We also act as an EPC contractor for EGAT and other customers of various industrials.

Main project: Power plant.


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