Human Resources Dept.
The Dept. is responsible for overall aspects of company human resources tasks, including recruitment of workforce, provide its members with payroll and benefits and administrate their work-life needs. We also execute the training programs for our staffs career development, one of which is sending staff to the workshop in Tokyo every year. Furthermore we create harmony and good atmosphere for better understanding and fair justice among our workforce in order to build up good labor relations that are likely to affect the company business's operation.

General Affairs Dept.

The General Affairs Department is entrusted with the principal tasks of keeping the Company in an orderly and tidy manner to ensure good and effective working environment inside the Company, and establishing the regional network system linking member companies in the Marubeni Group. The Department is responsible for coordinating with the government authorities and providing wide-ranging services and activities to facilitate and support the working of all staff of the Company and its Affiliates.

Finance & Accounting Dept.

The Dept. is keeping a good and close relationship with major financial institutions, being accompanied with trustful behavior so that the company can have a smooth cash flow for the business operation receiving enough facilities from them. And the Dept. is preparing the financial statement, and making a tax return in compliance with the regulations utilizing a well-established and computerized in-house accounting system.

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